Why Coaching?

Find out more about Coaching and how it can help you or your team.

So why bother engaging with a Coach? 

I have the Internet. I can find out anything I need to know there. I can read it for free, download a book or watch a video on You Tube. 

I used to think the same until I started studying Coaching and being Coached. The key was the relationship and the questions that were being asked to me. These questions  challenged me to look in the mirror, take more responsibility and accountability for my own life and successes.

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Meyler Performance - Why Coaching?

How the Coaching Process Works

Your Coaching Journey

Be prepared to go below the line, looking closer at your into areas you may not have been to and may feel uncomfortable. This is where your learning about “Self” plus growth and development will take place.


How are they impacting you in your decision making? What Limiting Beliefs are holding you back?


What are you spending your time and money on?. Does this reflect what is important in your life? Are you living your Values?


When you get clearer on the four below the line then you start to make the changes at Behaviour level.


How are negative thoughts impacting on your daily life. Remember you are not your thoughts. Thinking more positively can lead to a much more enjoyable life.


Are you controlling your emotions or are they controlling you? What interventions are you using to manage your emotions?


Changes in behaviour lead to much better and improved Results. This leads to transformation.

Ready to change your life?

So, if you are serious about wanting change in your life, realising that if you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results and strong enough about being prepared to be vulnerable and want support on your journey, then please get in touch. 

The first step is the hardest. When you take the first step, you will never look back.

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Our Coaching Services

For Individuals

Whether you are looking to improve your productivity and performance in a current role, or need help planning your next career move we can help.

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For Teams

We provide several different workshops aimed at business teams. They include selling skills, specific training for Managers and Supervisors as well as personal resilience.

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Spotlight helps people and teams play to their strengths, adapt to ever changing contexts and develop people towards excellence in business, life and sport.

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