Spotlight Profiling – It’s all about moving.

"At Manchester City FC, the Spotlight suite of profiling tools are used across the club. Whether it is helping the 1st team staff and players, supporting our academy, or working with various management groups off the pitch, Spotlight delivers high quality insights into how to get the very best out of each of us.”

What is Spotlight

Spotlight is a strengths-based personality profiling tool that enables individuals and teams to improve performance, grow stronger relationships, and accelerate their development. It has been specifically designed to help people enhance their psychological and behavioural adaptability, helping them to think and act in different ways to meet any challenge effectively.

Originating from the world of elite sport, Spotlight is the only profiling tool to capture both behavioural style and mindset. 

Bridging the gap

Spotlight bridges the gap between self-awareness and action, by not only providing insight into an individual’s personality preferences, but also concrete ways to enhance development, adaptability, and performance. Encouraging individuals and teams to build a greater understanding of themselves and others, Spotlight is built on the values of humility, curiosity, and tolerance. Spotlight starts with a profile, but expands into an intuitive framework for developing an adaptable mindset and flexible approach to problem-solving.

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The science bit
What is it based on?


Spotlight contains two frameworks that explore mindset and behavioural style preferences. The COPE model is based on one of the only biologically-based models of personality, called reinforcement sensitivity theory. The COPE model explores four different mindsets, based on sensitivity to threat and reward, that we each need to tap into in different moments or situations.

Behavioural Style

The FLEX model explores four different behavioural styles based on a combination of factors from the ‘Big 5’ theory, one of the most scientifically supported models of personality. Both the COPE and FLEX models that have developed from these theories have been rigorously validated using cutting-edge Bayesian analytics.

Aligned to contemporary thinking in personality research, Spotlight firmly embodies the philosophy of adaptability and movement. The COPE and FLEX frameworks help individual’s to consider how they might get the most out of their strengths by considering situations from different perspectives. To truly thrive in an ever changing world, we need to be skilled at adopting the mindset and behavioural style that is most appropriate for the situation we are in.

How to use Spotlight
Personally & at work

The coaching tool

Spotlight can be used as a coaching tool to help develop individuals both personally and in the workplace. It allows individuals to understand and maximise their strengths, and develop a more adaptable mindset and flexible approach to interacting with others.

Spotlight with teams

Spotlight can also be used with teams, helping them to grow stronger relationships and provide team members with a greater appreciation of each other’s strengths and how to support each other in playing to these strengths. It provides a way of supporting teams to develop greater psychological safety, and ways to develop diverse thinking and collective adaptability within a group.

In your organisation

Spotlight can be used across an organisation, to develop agile leaders and create a shared language around people, performance, and adaptability across a business. Spotlight is used to develop a culture that is truly strengths-focused, that leverages difference, and promotes agile mindsets under pressure.

"People change when there is something to be won or lost"

What Spotlight can do
For you, your company and clients

Spotlight and its suite of products can give you the advantage of delivering exceptionally high quality, modern, practical, and applied approaches to support a range of needs for your clients or your organisation, not just in the short term, but for long term change. We provide you with a range of innovative and engaging tools and materials to deliver first class coaching conversations and team development.

Spotlight has been successfully adopted across a range of different organisational settings, from elite athletes, to schools and universities, coaching practitioners, small-medium enterprises and large multi-faceted corporate organisations as part of HR organisational development.

Spotlight has enabled individuals and teams to improve performance, build team cohesion and collaboration, enhance engagement, advance customer care, develop and guide leadership teams, drive large organisational cultural change, and improve organisational performance.

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