Take a moment to read some feedback from businesses and individuals we have worked with in the past and find out how our coaching impacted their journeys.

Individual Coaching Testimonials

"My name is Sharon Houston and I was successful in going for voluntary redundancy after 27 years working for the Civil Service. The Department offered different types of career tools for long term staff and I chose 'one to one' coaching which included CV writing and interview techniques. I was apprehensive at first as it had been a long time since I applied for a job or had even written a CV and had no idea where or how to start this process as it had changed so much since I had last applied for a job.

When I went on my first coaching session with Seanie immediately any fears or nerves I had immediately disappeared as I was made to feel very at ease and relaxed in his company. The first session went so quickly and I couldnt believe how much I enjoyed it and I knew that whatever challenges I faced in my lack of experience that this would all be addressed and I would get the help and support I would need to get me on the career ladder.

To my surprise I actually learnt a lot about myself and I enjoyed creating my CV with the tools I had been given, rather than it feeling like a chore. I actually enjoyed going through my different roles over the years in my career and identifying skills and achievements I had obtained. I was amazed that from the first coaching session to my final coaching session I felt like a different person.

I finished the coaching session with a completed CV I was extremely proud of that I would never have produced if left to my own devices and I was also a more stronger and confident person - not fearing the changes I was facing in my life. With Seanie as my coach he taught me to focus on my strengths, to make a go and push doors which I would not have normally pushed and gave me the confidence to follow my visions by being productive and to keep on keeping on."

Sharon Houston
Standing at an important crossroads in career and life can be as daunting and confusing as it is exciting and motivating. Defining goals, developing clear objectives, and adhering to a system for achieving results is absolutely crucial. That is why I am so thoroughly pleased to have engaged with Seanie at MEYLER PERFORMANCE to help me deliver on the next big thing in my career at Dennis Publishing with BuyaCar. Thank you for your guidance, coaching and invaluable support.
Mark Hamilton
Account Director at BuyaCar.co.uk

I was put in touch with Seanie by the Gaelic Players Association. Seanie introduced a number of new ideas and concepts as personal development was something new to me. He facilitated and continued to deliver one to one personal development coaching that I found excellent.

Initially, I found it difficult to balance commitments but still develop across my sporting, professional, academic and social life. He understands the coaching process and his experience was evident from the first session. He challenged me in a positive way and always encouraged a solution focused approach.

Seanie introduced helpful frameworks that allowed address development in all areas. He continued to offer practical steps and guidance on how to make this progress.

Since working with him, he has made me much more self-aware relating to my personality type. This understanding has been beneficial for developing existing strengths and addressing any weaknesses.

I would highly recommend Seanie if you are someone who seeks to improve personal development and/or their performance. His expertise, knowledge and approachable character will ensure you the enjoy the process but also make those improvements you are after.

Evan Sweeney
Teacher and Leitrim Senior Player
"This was my first foray into receiving coaching so it was with some trepidation that I met Seanie. He soon put me at my ease and set clear expectations from the start. The focus Seanie provided and the challenge and subsequent accountability were all handled to high professional standards and along the way there were many useful nuggets of wisdom shared from Seanie’s solid experience. I consider this time constructively and usefully spent despite the constant work pressures."
Ian Humphreys
Chief Executive, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful
"Working with Seanie has been both a pleasure and a revealing process. Seanie is intuitive and challenging. He has an ability to connect and test your own inner thoughts and wisdom to bring out the best in the real you. “Always moving forward, looking back only to learn.”
Mark Vaughan​
Commercial Director, Kingspan Environmental Ltd

"I am Eugene Corrigan and I run my own architectural office. I have been self-employed for 20 years now and I love what I do.

However, being a sole-trader can be overwhelming at times… it means having to do everything in the office. I’ve always found it difficult to keep up with office administration and book keeping. After a conversation with Seanie, and learning of his business and coaching background I decided to engage with him for some help. After a number of monthly meetings I picked up some valuable advice.

Seanie helped me to structure my hours better, to prioritize tasks, and to seek help when needed. He helped me to set goals and to make myself accountable to meeting those targets. Overall, it was time well spent and I would highly recommend Seanie as a business coach."

Eugene Corrigan
Corrigan Architectural Services

Venture has been trading for 26 years providing external project, company and organisational development support across the public and private sectors in the island of Ireland and external to it. Typically, clients are local authorities or growth companies. Venture supports and facilitates its clients to develop plans to sustain the growth of the organisation or to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Venture, as a company and I as its Managing Director, face many of the challenges typically associated with a small to medium sized enterprise. Over its lifespan the company has had to react to a range of external challenges including the recession of the 2000’s and more recently Covid 19 and Brexit. Similar to other businesses operating within these contexts, Venture has faced uncertainty and the constant need to revise and refocus our plans to navigate these challenges. At a personal level I am the typical owner of an SME in that it is often difficult to achieve a good balance between work and family and ultimately my quality of life. Equally, there is the inclination to say ‘yes’ not only to clients but also to many other non-work related activities including sports coaching and volunteering with community and sports organisations in my own community.

I first became aware of Meyler Performance through introducing the company to a number of my own client companies. In many cases I felt that my relationship with the owner manager/managing director of those businesses had become too comfortable to allow me to act in and executive coaching/mentoring capacity. It become apparent to me that once the companies had engaged Seanie Meyler the behaviours and habits of the person receiving he coaching support changed impacting on his/her effectiveness and the performance of the company/organisation.

From my perspective the greatest benefits of the coaching support from Seanie Meyler was creating much more focus on the outcomes I wanted within the business, in my role as its Managing Director and in my personal life. He helped me to develop the tools to bring more focus to decision making, ensuring decisions are in line with my stated outcomes and on accountability personally and within the Venture team.

I have gained significantly from engaging Meyler Performance to provide regular executive coaching to myself via Seanie Meyler. I would feel absolutely comfortable in recommending Meyler Performance and its principal Seanie Meyler. Over the last two years of engaging Meyler Performance I have had a number of opportunities to connect Seanie with both my own client companies and people within my own network of friends and associates. I would not have done this if I had not gained significantly from my experience of receiving ongoing executive mentoring support from Seanie Meyler.

John O’Neill
Managing Director of Venture International Ltd
I just wanted to take a minute to share my experience as a client of Seanie. I was a senior leader and manager leaving an employer after over 25 years. Seanie coached me as part of a group and individually. He shared experiences and techniques not only useful for seeking new employment but for dealing with challenging situations in life. Over a number of groups of individual sessions, he built my confidence and I observed him build the confidence of others. As a result of Seanie’s skill, expertise and personal attitude and manner, within days of his final session with me I secured an interview and a full-time permanent role as a senior business consultant. My performance at the interview was largely due to the confidence Seanie had instilled in me. Seanie improves my performance and I discussed this with other colleagues who felt the same. As a result, all of the 30 plus colleagues who sought remployment have since secured it. I would actively encourage organisations or individuals needing professional support to call on Seanie’s services and expertise
Martin Cunningham
Senior Business Consultant at N.Ireland Civil Service

I recently went through redundancy due to Covid-19's impact on the travel industry.

A special mention of thanks to Seanie Meyler whose coaching helped me improve my interview skills, changed my thinking and increased my self-belief. Seanie took me on after a mutual friend connected us on LinkedIn. When talking together, he saw my passion and capability coming through, but recognised that my biggest challenge was getting this across in an interview - it had been so long since my last one. Seanie taught me how to answer interview questions to highlight my strengths, and gave me the confidence to convey those strengths through practice in a mock interview. The result? A job offer! Happily, I'll soon be starting a new job with DHL!

Nikki Rose
Customer Service Riveria Travel

My name is Ryan Gaffney and I work for Ulster Camogie as their Growth and Participation officer. I first met Seanie in 2019 when I was in the process of completing a part time masters. At the time, I had many challenges such as balancing my work, college and personal life. As a result, I felt I could benefit from some personal development coaching and was luckily put in contact with Seanie through the Gaelic players association.

From our initial meeting I felt completely at ease sharing my experience with Seanie. One of His strengths is his ability to use questioning to help you realise that you might already know the answer to your problems. When I had any questions or needed advice, I knew I would get an honest answer from Seanie with my best intentions at heart. A massive positive for me was that throughout the coaching process I felt my self-confidence grow and this was down to the support and encouragement I got from Seanie.

I found the whole experience very rewarding and gained some valuable skills along the way. Seanie is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their performance in any aspect of life.

Ryan Gaffney
Growth and Participation officer, Ulster Camogie

We help sports clubs of all sizes improve their facilities with affordable digital scoreboards and video screens.

My main challenges prior to completing the initial Sales Training and subsequent Sales Coaching were:

  • Confidence; unwilling to lift the phone; being comfortable with ‘no’
  • Prospecting; ensuring I am speaking to the right people when talking to clubs
  • Objection Handling in project management; learning when to be assertive and challenge people

During the sales coaching process, I constantly felt like my current mindset was being challenged. I was thinking negatively about certain situations, and this was being found out. Whether it be cold calling, asking tough questions or dealing with objections, my mindset and approach to these situations was totally turned around, allowing me to get a positive result from these conversations.

The main outcomes for me were;

  • Developing a personal relationship early with customers, even if they’re saying no.
  • Being comfortable with rejection both in person and over the phone.
  • Actively listening to what a customer is actually saying, rather than what I think they’re saying (or going to say). Listening to understand.
  • Dealing with customer objections, being ready for anything they might throw at me.
  • Some will, some won’t, so what

I would happily recommend Seanie for Sales Coaching. Seanie will challenge you to get rid of bad habits and negative attitudes in the sales process. This will give you the foundation to create new, innovate ways to approach sales and the challenges that come with that.

Michael Meenan
Sales Area Manager at FSL Scoreboards.

I am Brendan McAleer - Reachtaire (Organiser) for Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ) in Ulster. CCÉ is a volunteer led, cultural organisation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Irish traditional music and its cultural assets. Within Ulster, I lead the small staff team based at Dún Uladh; Omagh, its Regional Resource Centre, who lead over 1250 volunteers across 70+ branches, assisting them to deliver for the 8,500+ membership and 100,000 people it engages with annually.

I took the decision to work with Seanie as I see coaching as a skill that is needed more and more and one which I did not have nor had I trained for. The organisation was starting to grow and I wanted to make sure I was able to motivate others and empower them to achieve their best. I also wanted to learn about my own strengths and weaknesses, achieve a 360 view of myself.

Seanie’s personality and approach really suited me. The sessions focused on professional and personal life and were always focused on moving forward towards goals. His approach of setting goals between sessions helped embed new behaviours and strategies. His ability to ask the right question at the right time, to get to the root of the issue or challenge, helped me to adjust my own style of coaching others and understand how to best lead and communicate with others.

I have gained more confidence in myself and in my style and approach to leadership. I coach and question more, giving people the space to grow, and they have.

Many leaders will invest in their team but rarely invest in themselves, working with Seanie and taking time out to think, to hold a mirror up to yourself, to have someone dig that bit deeper to find the answer within yourself, is very worthwhile and a good investment in you and your business.

Brendan McAleer
Reachtaire (Organiser) for Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ) in Ulster

Seanie presents the workshop in a very enthusiastic manner and makes everyone feel at ease by engaging with the class throughout and relating the content to everyone's specific industry.

Aodhán O'Donnell
Parts Manager, Telestack Limited, Omagh

Teams and Workshops Testimonials

FSL Electronics Ltd helps customers to improve their safety and increase productivity & efficiency. FSL’s Wireless Control Solutions minimize manual labour and in turn, saves businesses time and money.

With the current economic climate, we have had to change our sales approach from a reactive to a more proactive one. We brought Seanie in to deliver the Selling Skills Workshop to the team, which was both engaging and challenging. The workshops have helped build confidence and improve the communication skills of the team. Each individuals attitude has changed from being a group of salespeople to a team who genuinely want to identify our customer's pains and resolve them proactively. Problem Solvers.

After the workshop, Seanie met with each of our Sales Team, every 3 weeks for a 3 month period and delivered Sales Coaching that helping facilitate improvement and confidence in specific areas being focused upon for increased selling effectiveness.

I would recommend Seanie's workshop to any sales team or individual who wants to improve their sales and create a more equipped team to help your customers. The quote from the selling workshops which Seanie has drilled into us speaks volumes in selling; "Seek first to understand then be understood".

Martin Dorman
Business Development Director, FSL, Cookstown

Full Circle is one of Ireland’s leaders in the design, delivery and management of largescale SME capacity building programmes.

We work in a pressurised environment where all of our clients expect tangible value for money and our success to date has centred around our ability to not just meet but to exceed the expectations of these clients.

In order to help our staff to identify, manage and reduce the levels of stress that some of them were experiencing, we approached Meyler Performance. The first thing that struck me was that Seanie was intent on providing us with a bespoke intervention as opposed to something that was ‘off the shelf’ – this immediately created a very positive first impression.

Seanie therefore did a lot of work with our people in the lead-up to the workshop to identify what their specific requirements were. By the time therefore that Seanie delivered the Resilience workshop for our staff, he had a very clear understanding of where the stressors within the business were and what was causing these.

As a result, Seanie was able to provide a workshop that was clearly customised to our specific needs and this meant that everyone was engaged from the outset. Seanie also differentiated himself from many comparable trainers by placing much more emphasis on asking questions, digesting feedback and offering practical solutions that our staff were able to take away and implement.

All in all, we were very impressed with Meyler Performance and would have no hesitation in using them again when we need to do so.

I found the Meyler Performance Selling Skills workshop very beneficial to both myself and our sales team. The delivery was well executed and the content I can see our team using to their advantage on a daily basis.

James Morgan
Sales Manager, J McAleer & Son, Beragh

"Bassetts Plumbing & Heating - providing quality bathroom supplies and furniture to retail and trade customers in Northern Ireland. Established in 1978 we have over 40 years’ experience in the bathroom trade and we are an award-winning plumbers’ merchant with a total of 16 Plumbers’ trade counters and 13 bathroom showrooms across Northern Ireland. We have a reputation for exceptional customer service with a strong focus on delivering a tailored service to trade and retail services across all of our branches.

In order to continue growing and to maintain our position as a market leading retailer in N. Ireland it was vitally important that we continue to offer market leading customer service , we wanted to raise self –awareness and to develop new and existing skills in both mindset and skillset so that we continue to provide our customers with the levels of service that we have become renowned for over the last 40 years.

When you work with Seanie you truly have a partner who wants you to succeed. His creative and experienced approach to prospecting and sales has helped the Company become more efficient in all areas. His sales approach is based on the person and where they are in their career. This enables him to create an industry specific program that will suit the individual and help them succeed beyond their own expectations, improving weaknesses and building on strengths. I would recommend Seanie to anyone who wants to reach the next level in their career and succeed in providing an effective customer journey from start to finish."

Lois Hillen
Bassetts Bathrooms

I have been working with Meyler performance now for over 3 years, this involved individual sales coaching and personal development plus sales team training on the stages off the sales process etc, Understanding the sales process, while you would think simple many people don’t actual now the steps and the activity at each step.

I felt from doing the sessions we became more aware off questioning to dig much deeper to what people think and how/why they make decisions, it also helped me to manage my team, encourage but also to hold people to account.

I would definitely recommend Meyler Performance.

Owen McKenna
Sales Director, Mallaghan

Our company had a group session with Meyler Performance which covered all aspects of the Sales Process. What we really liked is that Seanie met with us in advance and asked if there were particular areas that we wanted him to focus on – which there was. This meant that the training was tailored to what we wanted.

In addition, the delivery was energetic and interactive with Seanie getting everyone involved without singling anyone out or putting them on the spot. At the end he gave us all a summary guide to take away with us which was personalised with our logo and the key learning points from the day.

Debbie Deans
Business Development Manager, Strabane Training Services LTD

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