Coaching for Teams

We provide several different workshops aimed at business teams. They include selling skills, specific training for Managers and Supervisors as well as personal resilience.

Selling Skills Workshop

Aim of the Workshop: This workshop will help and support new people now in a sales role by providing a framework for them to use plus provide a recap to existing salespeople around the key skills necessary to be successful in sales.

By the end of the workshop, you will know;

  • The importance of your Mindset before Skillset regards Sales
  • More about your Customer and what they value?
  • Gone through the 7 Steps of the Sales Process
  • Learnt and practised key skills necessary to be successful in sales
  • Have found out your natural Negotiation style and how to adapt it
  • Know your default type when experiencing Conflict


Full Day and Half Day. Prices depend on numbers. 

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Business People Shaking Hands
"I would recommend Seanie's workshop to any sales team or individual who wants to improve their sales and create a more equipped team to help your customers. The quote from the selling workshops which Seanie has drilled into us speaks volumes in selling; "Seek first to understand then be understood".
Martin Dorman
Business Development Director, FSL, Cookstown

Coaching Skills for Managers/Supervisors Workshop

Aim of Workshop: This workshop will give Managers knowledge of how and why using a Coaching style will lead to improved performance for individuals and teams. In addition, an objective is to give you the opportunity to practise peer to peer coaching in a safe environment.

By the end of the workshop, you will know;

  • What is Coaching
  • The key Skills of Coaching.
  • The Benefits of a Manager using Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Tools and Techniques
  • Leadership Styles – What’s yours?
  • Coaching Conflict

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Meyler Performance - Executive Coaching

"I have gained more confidence in myself and in my style and approach to leadership. During my coaching sessions with my team I ask more open questions and actively listen giving my people more autonomy and the space to think, grow and take responsibility for their own performance".

Brendan McAleer
Reachtaire (Organiser) for Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ) in Ulster

Personal Resilience Workshop

Aim of Workshop: This workshop will give you the skills and capabilities to manage your levels of energy and motivation while under pressure. In addition, an objective is for all participants will have greater awareness, knowledge and understanding of the C.A.P.S model to help them in developing strategies to support themselves.

By the end of the workshop, you will know;

  • Have prepared an Action Plan that enables you to take control.
  • Understand what Personal Resilience is and why is it important?
  • Know how Resilient people behave?
  • Identify how your natural preferences and personality impact the strategies you use to cope with challenges.
  • Recognise how your own approach to pressure supports or hinders your ability happy, health and productive when under pressure.
  • Know 4 Coping Strategies for Building Resilience.

Half Day. Price depends on numbers. 

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"In order to help our staff to identify, manage and reduce the levels of stress that some of them were experiencing, we approached Meyler Performance. The first thing that struck me was that Seanie was intent on providing us with a bespoke intervention as opposed to something that was ‘off the shelf’ – this immediately created a very positive first impression".
Simon Devlin
Full Circle

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