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I help and support executives, owners of SME's, sales teams and sports teams to overcome barriers and be the best they can be. The essential part of coaching is to help people to learn to silence the inner voice, removing the fear. The biggest obstacle to success and achieving potential is internal, not external.

Like all skills, one must work at improving them every day. If you are willing to work at your Coaching and Selling Skills then you will see rapid improvements in your outputs.

Executive Coaching

  • Move to the next level and reach your Potential
  • Know yourself better by becoming more Self-aware
  • Develop your Leadership Skills so that you can become a better Leader.
  • Improve Working Relationships and make better decisions

Personal/Life Coaching

  • Find out where you are putting your Energy and what Motivates you.
  • Get better at Goal Setting. When you have a Goal, you know where you are going.
  • Look closer at your Beliefs and how they are impacting on your Behaviour.
  • Understand your Values and the role they play in your decision making.
Seanie Meyler

Well-Being Coaching

  • Improve your Resilience so that you can easily get up if knocked down.
  • Know your Strengths better and how to use them more.
  • Use Positive Psychology to improve your outlook.
  • What you Focus on you get? So, look at what you are Focusing on?

Sales Coaching

  • Become more Solution Focused.
  • Do more Asking and less Telling.
  • Become better at Reviewing and Reflecting with a view to Improving.
  • Take on more Responsibility and Accountability for your Results.

Coaching Workshops

  • Learn the Skills of Coaching
  • Reap the Benefits of Coaching for sustainable behaviour change.
  • Learn Coaching Tools and Techniques and then use them
  • Adapt new Coaching Styles in how you interact with people

Selling Skills Workshops

  • Overcome your Fear of Failure or Rejection
  • Increase your Confidence to help you sell more
  • Understand the importance of a Positive Mindset when selling.
  • Improve your Communication Skills to sell better
  • Learn the 7 Steps of the Sales Process.

Short Masterclasses

  • Resilience Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Strengths Coaching
  • Trust Coaching
  • Goals Coaching
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